“An essay is a short discussion on matters of taste, philophy or common life…”

David Preston’s essays offer a unique insight into the background behind some of his linocuts.

Afternoon on the Verandah

'Some doors and windows frame an evocative outside picture' "Afternoon on the Verandah",  is my most recent look through my studio door, A door frame may be an inviting keyhole that offers a voyeuristic view of common life and nature. A frame may define an imperative...

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Essay Coastline

David Preston's Coastline Essay To observe from above is universally appealing, but perversely it seems that sometimes the appeal is made picturesque by popularity. Coastline - The Painting “Coastline” was painted in 1990 from a lookout at Stanwell Tops in New South...

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Essay St Remy-Asylum

Essay St Remy-Asylum It was suggested by Brett Whiteley that I should make a pilgrimage to Arles, and then on to the St Remy-Asylum, where a ghost lived in the garden. In 2000 I took heed of his advice, and my trip through France led me to paint through the barred...

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